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July 2016

The Balance ProcedureAnne Marie Stagg

Not just a hypnotherapist!

July! The month of Wimbledon, Tour de France and sometimes even sunshine. Yes, we are officially in the second half of the year!

Is 2016 the year you intended to pass your driving test/ stop biting your nails/ conquer your fear of flying?

 Is it the year you determined to reach your ideal weight/ be more confident/ return to study?

Did you succeed?

I don’t really make resolutions anymore; I think about the forthcoming year and look at projects to be completed across the whole range of my personal and professional life.

On Wednesday I completed a project that is very important to me: I became a Reiki Master Teacher.

Of course, achieving this level is not the end but the beginning of new learning. Already I am experiencing the benefits of the higher level of learning. I know that it is going to make a huge difference to me and to my clients as they experience a reiki session.

As a celebration  I have decided to offer a reiki taster session  with each 4 session hypnotherapy course booked in July and August. This would usually cost £25 but is my gift to you.

If you are considering hypnotherapy or reiki I am sure you will have questions. Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered here but feel free to contact me if you need any further information.



Anne Marie x


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