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With a special interest in anxiety, stress and confidence issues

Welcome to 2019!

Just before Christmas I was delighted to announce the move into my new therapy room at Salt Revive, 85 Mill Lane, Beverley HU17 9DH. I have  moved in to a larger room so will have more space for reiki treatments and will also have enough space to run small group hypnotherapy sessions.

I have made some changes to my working hours, working face to face Tuesday to Thursday but available for Skype sessions, talks etc on Monday and Friday. I will be starting later each day, at 10am, but this does mean that I will be able to offer teatime and early evening appointments to accommodate workers and students.

Anxiety, stress and confidence issues are at the top of my list of enquiries from across the Yorkshire region and beyond.

If you have reached my site because you are fed up of being bullied by these conditions then rest assured there is help at hand.

You don't need me to list the symptoms of anxiety and stress, or write about how lack of confidence affects every aspect of your life because you already know.

You do know that you just want to be right again: brighter, lighter, more focused, able to smile (or maybe even laugh) rather than bursting in to tears or hiding away.

I believe that things happen for a reason, and the reason you have found your way to my website today is because now is the right time for you to release that anxiety, regain control and live your life to the full!

So, whether here at my consulting room in Beverley, East Yorkshire or via Skype, I will create a bespoke programme to support you in regaining control of your life.

There is no charge for an initial 20 minute phone consultation; from this the programme will be based around hypnotherapy, TFT, reiki, breathing techniques etc

Please click here to get in touch or phone 07910 407878.

Get ready to make changes now so that 2019 will be your best year yet!

Best Hypnotherapy in East Riding
Best Hypnotherapy in East Riding