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Pace yourself with food and drink

Christmas can be a time of excess, but it doesn’t have to be! If you are one of those people who says  “I always put on weight at Christmas” then you shouldn’t be surprised when you do… You are actively creating your own destiny!

In my family we don’t really “do” Christmas until December, but it does seem that commercially Christmas gets earlier every year and with that comes special offers on food and drink and so many opportunities to over-indulge. This year I actually spotted advent calendars in a garden centre in September and there have been Christmas cards for sale for weeks in just about every shop you can think of.

So is it inevitable that you will put on several pounds over Christmas? Well, no, it isn’t if you treat your body with respect and pace yourself.

Now is a good time to review and revise your relationship with food so that you go in to the New Year feeling and looking fantastic. With 50 days/ 7 weeks to Christmas  you can put some simple guidelines into place, work on your attitude to food, water, exercise and sleep (without being on a diet) and release excess weight.

You may have seen adverts for “Lose a dress size” ( which I suspect means absolutely nothing to men!), but depending on how much excess weight you are carrying you could do so much more in the time available – and all with the power of your mind and a few tweaks to your lifestyle. The best thing is, however, that you will be creating a new positive relationship with food, water, sleep and exercise which will benefit you into the future.

I base my weight management programme around the Virtual Gastric Band programme  using a 4 or 6 session programme with guidelines, recordings to support you between sessions, customised programme for each client and the use of additional therapies within the programme at no additional cost to the client.

Is the programme hard to follow? NO!

Is it a diet? NO!

Is it about depriving myself and feeling hungry all of the time? NO, NO, NO!

Contact me for further details ( time limited offer on Monday 5th November = £50 discount on the 4 session programme)


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