Beverley & E. Yorkshire: Hypno & Reiki

And breathe!

Honestly, the hardest thing I am going to ask you to do in a hypnotherapy session is to breathe! On the first occasion this is usually a cue for much face pulling, lip pursing and blowing in a dramatic manner until the sound of my voice soothes you in to a steady rhythm. Of course, this is always part of the homework package so by the time the second session comes around it is so much easier to progress into deep relaxation.

I ask that the client breathes out through the mouth first, releasing tension and negative energy. This is followed by a lovely deep breath in through the nose, breathing in fantastic positive energy before breathing out through the open mouth etc

The extension of this is to add colour – imagine the outbreath is a negative colour and the inbreath is the most beautiful shade of your favourite colour bringing strength and energy into your body.

This gets easier with practice but rarely poses a problem for children.

Often the next focus is on identifying in the body where the negative sensation is and getting the client to point to it eg anxiety is often felt in the stomach

We can deal with this using TFT and tapping just under the eye socket where the stomach meridian passes through.


Combining the tapping and the breathing has an excellent soothing effect on anxiety.

Why not try this next time you feel anxious? Most of us breathe inefficiently quite a lot of the time – high up in the chest and shallow; when you feel anxious this shallow breathing tends to get worse, which makes you feel anxious… and so on.

  • Notice the feeling
  • put your hand on where in your body it is felt
  • Slow down your breathing and empty your mind whilst tapping under the eye.
  • Repeat!

It really does work so why not give it a try.x