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Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy: Recommendation and review…

It is always fantastic to get  a review of my work with positive feedback from clients – sometimes just a sentence, sometimes much more.

Also, I really appreciate it when clients go on to  make a recommendation of my services to friends, family or colleagues.

Here is some of the feedback:

R was  planning a trip to the USA but had a real issue with using lifts:

Overcome your fear of lifts

My  story is, having lived in fear of enclosed spaces, particularly lifts for over 10 years and having experienced hypnotherapy before, to say I was sceptical before I visited Anne would be an understatement. Having booked a 3 week holiday in the skyscraper world of the USA, I needed help. Having spoken to Anne over the phone to originally discuss my problem I was invited into her premises to discuss further, Anne was calm and not pushy at all, everything was done at my pace. I had just 2 sessions of hypnotherapy and still didn’t know if it had helped when I left.

I can now tell you that going in every lift that I had to in America, including 66 floors up the Rockefeller Centre proves to me that Anne worked her magic. Thank you.


I worked with AC over 4 sessions and was delighted to see her “come to life” and find a renewed zest for life:


There was a part of me that was very unsure that this would work for me. I was to say the least a little apprehensive, but after meeting Anne for the first time I knew I had made the right decision. Anne was professional, friendly and made me feel at ease. I was very emotional: the least little thing would trigger me off and I really did not know why. My Mum was not well which did not help. I had another 3 consultations with Anne and she gave me the tools to help me control my emotions and helped me to focus on positive things that was happening to me instead of all negative. I came from my last consultation with Anne a different person fully in control. My family have seen a difference and I know Anne saw a different person to the one that initially came to see her. I am now 2 months down the line and feel in control and happier thanks to Anne.


LAH had this to say:

“A lovely, warm, welcoming lady who helped my daughter”


LG came to me for help with her sugar addiction; she wanted to regain control of her life and break the links with sugar:


“I originally booked some hypnotherapy sessions to help with a few issues: mainly sugar cravings that I was struggling to control but also to help reduce stress levels that can also lead to my reaching for sugar to aid my comfort. 

I read about Anne on the Internet and decided to give it a go. Anne is easy to talk to and understanding which makes the process a whole lot easier!

I booked a 4 session block and I have to say I was very impressed. After just 1 session I could tell there was a difference. Sugar didn’t seem to be at the forefront of my mind, so I completed my first week without sugar with ease. From then after the remaining sessions my thoughts of sugar reduced to a point where now I have been comfortably sugar free for over a month and without effort. Additionally after each session I felt much more relaxed in general, not really feeling any physical effects from stress. 

If you’re considering hypnotherapy my advice to you is to go ahead and do it… you won’t regret it! “


D is a very busy lady who loves to exercise and eat healthily but had a poor work life balance. This is what she had to say about our work together:


I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions feeling much more confident in my decision making, never fearing failure anymore and always believing I can handle whatever life throws at me.

Anne made me feel at ease instantly and her voice is so therapeutic that you gain in so many ways: relaxation; recharging those batteries as well as reflecting on one’s own life to help more forward.

 In addition, Anne focused on helping me ensure I kept hydrated ( a metaphoric button and measure that was never switched on !) so now not only do I feel great but my skin, energy levels and appearance have improved too.

Amazing work Anne and extremely grateful. Thank you.


JH came to me for help with passing her driving test. I was delighted to hear that she passed her test:


I first visited Anne as I was desperate for some help with my confidence as I had my driving test 2 weeks later. I didn’t know if, or how, it would work but I had read positive reviews on hypnotherapy on line and decided to give it a go as I was desperate for some help.

Anne was so lovely and made me feel at ease straight away. She explained everything fully and talked me through the process step by step. She was very accommodating with the appointments as I only had 2 weeks to my test.

My test day came and I had an amazing drive. I was full of confidence behind the wheel and it felt so good!

 Thanks to Anne my confidence as a driver grew gigantically and I was able to pass my driving test after years of putting it off!

 My only wish is that I had of done it sooner.


T was uncomfortable in some group situations and had lost confidence in more formal settings at work. This is what he had to say about our work together:


I’d been experiencing a general loss of confidence along with a reduction in concentration levels and periods of “brain fog”.

After a couple of sessions my ability to focus and concentrate had noticeably improved and my confidence was returning. Developing the ability to relax and take control of anxiety was an added bonus.

By the end of the initial sessions I felt more like my old self and very positive.

I booked further sessions and these helped to consolidate and improve the initial results.

A very positive experience; would thoroughly recommend.


P realised that he had to do something about his needle phobia when he was required to have a medical.  I had previously worked with clients for needle phobia and various other medical concerns including white coat hypertension and  dental phobia  so was happy to help him overcome this. I was delighted when he texted me to say that he had successfully had blood drawn.

medical proceduresmedical-563427_1920

Hypnosis probably wouldn’t be considered by most as a potential solution to a problem. 

Sometimes used for entertainment, it can have effective use as a therapy. 

Overcoming a phobia is my own example.  Having blood drawn is, for many, a requirement or even a necessity.  For some, such as myself, no matter how hard it might be for others to understand, it is something I could not allow to be done. 

However the time was approaching when it would be required.  My wife suggested Hypnotherapy; I have an open mind and so arrived at the door of Anne Marie Stagg. 

Anne Marie is a pleasant and intelligent lady, whose manner puts you at ease in her peaceful therapy room. 

After a consultation Anne Marie concluded I had needle phobia and suggested she and hypnotherapy could help with that.  The hypnosis experience differs for all, so I won’t go into detail about my own. 

Four weekly sessions – with some home practice – were designed to take me step by step to my goal, and indeed they did.  Soon after they had ended I was able to have blood drawn.  That was a large step.

If you can’t find the answer within yourself, may I suggest Hypnotherapy and recommend Anne Marie Stagg.  I doubt that you will be disappointed.


S loved to travel but had developed a fear of flying. She was determined to overcome her problems and turned to hypnotherapy. We were both delighted with the results:

I chose Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy because of reviews that I had read and also because it was local. I was looking for help for my fear of flying as I was about to go on my first long haul flight. The closer it got to the flight the more anxious and panicked I became about it. I found the sessions very relaxing and calming. I also learnt how to control my anxiety and put myself in a more relaxed state if needed on the flight.

I have now returned from holiday having completed both long haul flights. I am amazed at how calm I was before and during the flight. I have also found that I am able to use the calming techniques in other aspects of my life. I would definitely recommend to others.


CH had  knee surgery after lots of problems, but 8 weeks on she was still in a lot of pain; her knee was noticeably swollen and hot to the touch when she came to see me. I was delighted to use OldPain2Go for this pain.

Prior to the treatment she had been very restricted in how far she could drive because of the pain.

Old, unnecessary pain messages can be switched off.

On Thursday I visited Anne’s clinic to have a treatment for pain relief on my left knee. I had an arthroscopy about 8 weeks previously and still in some pain. On a scale of 10 the pain was about 7 on arrival and left with zero pain. Very interesting experience. On Friday I drove to Stratford upon Avon (about 3 hours) and had no pain driving that distance at all. Well impressed, thank you Anne Marie. Tomorrow I am going on to mid Wales ( another 3 hour drive). Would not have been able to do that last week.


K is a lovely lady who came to me recently as she felt she had “lost her way”. During her working life she had been used to making decisions and being independent, but now found herself  anxious about even the simplest of things.

I was very sceptical to say the least as to whether Hypnotherapy would work for me and it took some time for me to find the courage to make that initial contact.  However wish I had done it sooner Anne was very welcoming and made me feel at a ease immediately.
Over a period of two years I had somehow lost all self esteem, started to suffer anxiety and panic attacks all of which began to affect my day to day life.  After four sessions with Anne she has succeeded in bringing the old me back to life and has given me the tools to work with on a daily basis to maintain this. 
I would highly recommend this lady to anyone contemplating hypnotherapy. 
Thank you for all your help xK


S asked for help in reducing her weight, but as we chatted it was clear that she was using chocolate (just about every night) as a reward for working some pretty punishing hours in her family business. I was delighted with the changes she made, not just in her relationship with food, but also in her work/life balance.

A reward for a hard day’s work?

Wanting to lose a little weight and my addiction to chocolate I made an appointment to see Anne. I was totally at ease on my first visit.
Anne is very calm and so very, very supportive. After my first session of hypnosis the chocolate was a no no and after y four sessions I had lost an amazing 10lb and no chocolate urges. Two months on I’ve still maintained my weight loss. Thank you Anne; I couldn’t have done it without you.


L has a busy life but found that anxiety was getting the  better of her. I created a bespoke, mixed therapy 4 session programme for her using TFT, reiki, hypnotherapy and other modalities.

Be you

“I came to Anne Marie a month ago, struggling with anxiety and stress relating to my work. I was feeling very low and had lost my confidence and general sense of self. Anne Marie was fantastic and listened carefully to me before suggesting a programme of sessions, tailored around my needs. I found the sessions, a mixture of hypnotherapy (which I had never done before and was not sure what to expect at all) and reiki, really amazing! After each session I have felt more positive, relaxed and able to cope confidently with whatever might happen.  Along with a combination of practical suggestions and techniques to use in every day life, reading materials and relaxation techniques I have made great progress. My anxiety has almost disappeared and the sessions with Anne Marie have helped me focus on my feelings, re build confidence and focus on what is really important. I would recommend Anne Marie whole heartedly. She has helped change my life!”
R needed to have surgery but found that he had white coat hypertension – basically his blood pressure shot up in any medical setting  – which meant that his surgery had already been postponed. He was missing out on the active life style which he had once enjoyed. I was delighted to receive a message from him in the New Year to let me know that his surgery had gone ahead and he was well on the way to recovery!

I have a problem with doctors, hospitals and the subsequent control of my blood pressure – more commonly known as white coat syndrome!  This became a huge problem for me, as I needed a total hip replacement and my local hospital would not allow the operation to go ahead until my blood pressure was under control.  My doctor prescribed tablets, but I think both he and I knew that there was something more at play, namely nervousness combined with considerable anxiety.  Thinking about the situation just made matters worse! Having gone for a number of weeks/months with little progress a friend suggested hypnotherapy, something that I had just not considered previously.  I spoke to my doctor about this and he encouraged me to go for it  – hence my call to Anne Marie. A series of extremely worthwhile one to one sessions followed.  These were very well planned and included homework for me to do, ready for our subsequent meetings.   As a result, my operation went ahead and I am now the proud owner of a new hip.  I have nothing but praise for Anne Marie, as this would not have happened without her!  

NB A little update on this client – I bumped in to him quite recently, just about a year after his surgery, and he is now fit and active; being able to have the surgery has turned his life around. Feb 2019


K is a lovely lady who came to see me with a high level of stress in her life, some linked to trauma many years ago. It was such a privilege to see her progress over just a few weeks.

flower symbolsPower and positive energy from the yellow and orange

Dear Anne Marie

I have suffered from anxiety for over 29 years. Since coming for hypnosis and reiki I have been able to relax and focus positively for the first time in a long time. I can’t put in to words what this means for me, it’s just amazing.


S. leads a very busy life and loves to travel but didn’t enjoy the flights. This is what he has to say following our work together and several flights:

Fear of flying

Fly high!

I thought I would drop you a line to say a huge thanks. 

I have enjoyed flying all over the world for many years until an internal UK flight resulted in an emergency landing procedure. Ever since then I continued flying but with terrible anxiety – to the point were a couple of days I was dreading the thought. Which resulted in me feeling sick and nauseated. This really spoilt what should of been an exciting start and finish to my holidays. 

I can proudly say after a few sessions with yourself – talking through my anxiety, listening to my experiences and your hypnotherapy – I can now enjoy the flying element of my holidays.

I cannot thank you enough for being so patient with me, sympathetically listening and giving me ability to face my ‘demons’ and bringing me back from feeling I shouldn’t really be flying again.

I have enjoyed several flights all around the world with a smile on my face.

I couldn’t recommend your services enough! – thank you.


J came to me some time ago, asking if hypnotherapy could help him to make some changes in his life. I was very happy to help him with this.

I had reason to call upon Anne Marie’s services and I must say I was very apprehensive, having never experienced this type of therapy before. Well, I really needn’t have worried. Anne Marie was very professional and compassionate in her approach and made me feel very relaxed and at ease.

The treatment I received was excellent, in fact better than I had expected. The benefit has been fantastic for me and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Thank you very much Anne Marie.



Stop smoking now!

Stub it out! Quit today!

A  had decided enough was enough and she wanted to stop smoking; 90 days later she has just written this lovely review on my Facebook page:

I have smoked for well over 30 years and decided it was enough and had to try something new to stop. I had one session with Anne and I am proud to say I’m smoke free for four months – this lady is amazing! Thank you.



This lovely lady was struggling with every day life as the hot flushes interfered with her ability to work, and the night sweats messed up her sleeping. We saw a change even after one session!

Starting hypnotherapy as a way of helping to calm menopause symptoms was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I found Anne very patient and a calming influence as a hypnotherapist, her skills and knowledge go way beyond hypnotherapy and I feel I got more out of the four sessions we had together than I ever expected.

The hypnotherapy has definitely worked and the learning I have taken away from the sessions I still use today.

I feel the hypnotherapy has helped more than with just the menopause symptoms, and even after the first session I started to reap the benefits.

I would highly recommend Anne for hypnotherapy; she goes the extra mile and has great listening skills and I miss our sessions together. Cannot recommend highly enough!!


This lady was at a very low point in her life; I was so pleased that she came to me and took on board the techniques which enabled her to find herself again. It has been a real pleasure to track her progress as she has continued with reiki sessions.

I have been helped so much by Anne Marie Stagg. When I first went to her I was in such a state and near suicidal. With her help, through hypnotherapy, I am in a much better place, I am able to cope so much better with everyday life; the difference to my life to where I was, is amazing.

I find Anne Marie to be very calm, professional, kind, caring and a good listener when needed.

I continue to see her with my sessions of Reiki, it continually keeps me focused, calm and hopeful of what I can achieve. I will be forever grateful as I would not be here today, coping with life again if it was not for her, and as my family would say, “they have their mum back”.

Thank you, Anne Marie, for everything you have done for me.
















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