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The Balance Procedure

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The Balance Procedure, created by Jenny and Alan Cox, is a simple technique which will be taught to you when you book a session with Anne Marie.

During the 30-40 minute session you will discover more about your zodiac sign, your Life Path Number ( which does not change) and your current Personal Year Number in the 9 year cycle. Using the 9 card system you will  be guided through how to bring balance and harmony in to your life and how to make this a part of your daily routine. You will also discover how the cards can be used to achieve positive outcomes.

Your own set of cards and a copy of The Balance Procedure Universal Symbols by Jenny Cox is included in the cost of the session.

Do you have balance in your life?.

9 Signs of a Balanced person………
1. Powerful Pioneers
2. Free, Flexible & Passionate
3. Authentic & Inquisitive
4. Equal, Wealthy & Generous
5. Creative & Successful
6. Imaginative Visionaries
7. Spiritual, Intuitive & Psychic
8. Inspiring Alchemists
9. Intentional Creators
by Jenny Cox