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September: Read a New Book Month

Read a book month September 2023 A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one. George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire #5). You’ve probably noticed in the last week or so that the evenings are getting shorter, the…

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Social Phobia?

social phobia

Do you have social phobia? Are you ready to let it go so that you can lead the life that you want to lead? If the answer is yes, then please consider hypnotherapy as a way forward and get in touch. I’m not going to tell you about how social phobia negatively impacts your life…

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Wedding Day Worries

wedding day anxiety

Wedding Anxiety? What do you think of when someone says they are getting married? Do you see a magical day full of smiles and love with everyone happy and everything going without a hitch? Of course, that’s the dream, but for some the reality is rather different and the lead up to the actual ceremony…

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Hypnosis and Gaming Addiction

gaming console

Gaming Addiction? What is it? Well, put simply, it’s when playing online games takes  over  pretty much your entire life. The gaming industry is a very lucrative business bringing in many  £billions each year, growing rapidly as technology advances at a pace. Companies invest heavily to appeal to a wide audience with bigger, better, more…

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Hypnosis, Fitness and Motivation

hypnosis, fitness and motivation

Do you lack the motivation to exercise?Hypnotherapy Can Transform Your Exercise Routine Is your motivation at an all-time low? Do you set off with the very best intentions to go to the gym regularly/ to walk 10,00 steps per day/ to cycle to work every day… only to find that there are lots of really,…

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Stage Fright?

stage fright

Unveiling Inner Confidence: Defeat Stage Fright with Hypnotherapy Stage fright, the anxiety that crawls beneath the spotlight, isn’t limited to actors and singers. It can affect anyone and often kicks in on really important events when you really want to perform at your best. So who does it affect? Team leaders presenting to colleagues Middle…

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The power of colour

power of colour

Did you know that colours vibrate at different frequencies? I love colour! I still get excited at the ripe old age of 64 when I see a rainbow and  I love the beautiful changes of colour with the changing of the seasons.  That probably explains why I spend a lot of time in nature taking…

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Success in 2023


2023? It’s got to be better than 2022, right? How many resolutions/goals did you set for yourself this time last year – and how long before they fell by the wayside? Goals really don’t work for a lot of people and that’s usually to do with how they were created; too vague, not time limited,…

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Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple Have you heard of KISS? No, I’m not referring to Gene Simmons and his rock band, nor am I asking you to pucker up those lips… I’m referring to the ancronym: KISS or Keep it Simple Stupid! Rather than trying to pack more and more into the day or add layers of…

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