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Beverley & E. Yorkshire: Hypno & Reiki

5 books to read for a happier, more focused life!

If you are fed up of dithering about, procrastinating, feeling lost and with no purpose in life, then these 5 books are a must read! Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson This book has been described as a motivational business fable which I think makes it sound quite dry. In fact, it is a…

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How can a hypnotherapist help?

As a hypnotherapist I find that of all the techniques I use with clients, hypnotherapy is a really versatile tool! In something like 10 years as a practitioner I continue to be amazed by how much difference hypno makes to clients who have been “suffering”, sometimes for years, with all manner of physical and emotional…

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Why putting yourself first isn’t being selfish

Be you!

Is this you? Do you believe that putting yourself first is selfish? A common theme with my female clients is physical and emotional exhaustion. They spend so long trying to mediate between their children, anticipate problems, complete household tasks, run mum’s taxi service, be the good wife, all whilst holding down a demanding job, that…

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Where in your body do you feel this?

Emotions are funny things – you can’t pick them up or touch them – so you might think that they are in your head, but whenever I ask a new client where they feel their fear, anxiety, stress etc most will immediately, without thinking, point to a part of their body. For me, this is…

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And breathe!

Honestly, the hardest thing I am going to ask you to do in a hypnotherapy session is to breathe! On the first occasion this is usually a cue for much face pulling, lip pursing and blowing in a dramatic manner until the sound of my voice soothes you in to a steady rhythm. Of course,…

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Releasing Old Pain

With thanks to the creator of the video, Jak Broadway. Old pain? Stupid old pain? Pointless, purposeless pain? Has your pain been around so long that it has become who you are ie Eileen with arthritis, or perhaps it is so powerful you have named it eg “Pain in the Butt  Pete”, “Miserable Mavis” or…

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Beach Body Baby?

Beach Body Baby? So, are you ready for the beach? As the days are getting longer and our thoughts are turning to getting away for that long deserved break if you are heading for the beach or the poolside then maybe it’s time to review how you feel about baring the flesh and your own…

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Looking forward to the New Year?

When you think back about 2016 what emotion does it evoke? Are you proud of your achievements or the person you have become – or full of regret/ disappointment  for the things you didn’t achieve or enjoy? 2016 was certainly a challenging year for many; in numerology 2016 was a 9 year ( add the…

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Be present at Christmas

Sometimes Christmas is just too much! There’s the expense, the pressures to get the meal just so, the need to get everyone the perfect presents, and if you are a parent you are probably running one or more children to their various discos, parties and pantos. Christmas should be a positive experience; it should be…

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So we  are half way through Stoptober: how are you doing? Whether your aim is to cut down or give up completely I can help you using tried and tested methods which address your subconscious to get to the root of your problem/ relationship with tobacco. What value do you put on a healthier life…

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