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Do you have mobile phone anxiety?

Phone anxiety

Phone Anxiety? Nowadays the majority of adults have some sort of mobile phone, which is quite handy as it means that you can access lots of social media, emails, banks etc without having to even leave the comfort of your own home. In essence, you have a mini computer in the palm of your hand,…

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Goals and Ambitions for 2022

Goals and ambitions for July 2022 beach scene

Blog 1st July 2022 Today marks the beginning of  the second half of the year. Where has the time gone?!! What were your goals and ambitions in January? What did you want to do better or change? What did you want to say goodbye to – perhaps a habit or a belief? More importantly, if…

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Manage Your Blood Pressure With Hypnosis

blood pressure monitor

Manage Your Blood Pressure With Hypnosis Do you know what your blood pressure reading is? Do you know what it should be? Do you know the warning signs of it being  dangerously high or low? Most people reading this will probably say no to all 3 questions unless they are already being actively monitored. We…

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Will Hypnosis Help My Anxiety?

will hypnosis help my anxiety

Will Hypnosis Help My Anxiety? When you have tried everything else (the pills, the potions, the counselling, the CBT, alcohol, smoking, overeating etc…) and you are still anxious, and looking for a solution to your problem, perhaps this thought about hypnosis may occur to you? The NHS defines anxiety as “a feeling of unease, such…

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How Successful is Hypnosis?


How Successful is Hypnosis? This is the second post in a series, answering some of the most common questions asked by the public. Today, the question is, “How successful is Hypnosis?” Hypnosis is used by top sports performers, politicians and entrepreneurs to enhance their performance, to give them an edge, to help them to reach…

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Will Hypnosis Work For Me?

Will Hypnosis Work For Me? “Will hypnosis work for me?” “You won’t make me cluck like a chicken, will you?” “What happens if I get stuck in hypnosis?” These are just some of the questions that hypnotherapists hear on a regular basis, because most people have only experienced hypnosis in an entertainment setting such as…

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Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Blue Monday Blue Monday  is the name given to the third Monday in January and it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday has been around since 2005, when a UK travel company claimed to have established the date through an “equation” – but really it was nothing more than…

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Creating a Healthier Life in 2022

healthier lifestyle

Hypnosis for Creating a Healthier Life in 2022 You’ve probably heard the cracker joke about eating an elephant, haven’t you? Question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One piece at a time! The same thing applies to any changes you decide to make as we go into 2022. Whatever you choose to do to…

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Type 2 Diabetes and Hypnotherapy

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes? Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is not producing enough insulin and the insulin is not working effectively. It is the most common type of diabetes and risk factors include family history, ethnic background and being  overweight, particularly around the waist. If you  are already at risk of Type 2 Diabetes…

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Fear of Flying

fear of flying

Fear of Flying: It’s perfectly reasonable to be afraid of flying; let’s face it, we are creatures of the land, not the air, but flying is regarded as a very quick, easy and safe mode of travel and millions of people every day take to the air for business or pleasure without a problem. Nevertheless,…

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