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Manage Your Blood Pressure With Hypnosis

Manage Your Blood Pressure With Hypnosis

Do you know what your blood pressure reading is?

Do you know what it should be?

Do you know the warning signs of it being  dangerously high or low?

Most people reading this will probably say no to all 3 questions unless they are actively being monitored already.

We all have blood pressure, in the same way that we all have mental health , but it’s pretty much ignored until there is a problem requiring medical attention or an issue is flagged up in a routine check for something else.

Where can you find reliable information about blood pressure, what the numbers mean and what symptoms are a cause for concern? My first port of call would be the nhs website and/ or a chat with the GP.

Most people don’t even realise that they have an issue until they go to the GP for something else, or they are about to have an operation and it shows up in the pre-tests. When an issue is spotted the GP may advise lifestyle and diet changes and prescribe medication.

When you only have high blood pressure sometimes…

I have worked with a number of clients with a condition called White Coat Hypertension.

blood pressure monitor

White Coat Hypertension occurs in some people when in a medical setting such as pre-op. It’s really important that the BP is accurate prior to the operation, so the patient may be sent away to monitor it at home. The patient takes their BP at home and it’s normal so they reschedule the pre-op, turn up at the hospital and then watch as the blood pressure cuff is applied and their blood pressure shoots up…

There are lots of reasons why someone’s BP shoots up in a medical setting:

  • Fear of medical procedures in general
  • Previous poor experience
  • Medical staff being unsympathetic
  • Hypersensitive arms
  • Anxiety

And lots more…

Using hypnosis you can learn to lower your blood pressure, to remain calm and in control and, if necessary, to reduce the level of sensitivity in the upper arms.

If you would like to explore more about using hypnosis for managing your blood pressure or in any other medical setting, please get in touch via the Contact page or using any of my social media channels.

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