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Calling ladies of a certain age….

Have you lost your va-va-voom?

Calling ladies of a certain age

Have you lost your va-va-voom?
Do you feel as though you are useless/ worthless/ clueless…?
Do you count the minutes to when someone challenges you as an impostor?
If this is you, then read on!

Many of my clients are ladies in their late forties or fifties, often working in responsible jobs, in long term relationships, many have responsibilities for elderly parents etc but they simply cannot cope.
Sure, on the outside they are smartly presented with lovely hair, manicured nails and nice clothes, but on the inside they are a tiny, quivering ball of insecure jelly, lacking in confidence, doubting themselves and with little interest in life. Some ladies have honed their acting skills to perfection: sometimes they are so good that their nearest and dearest have absolutely no idea what is going on; other ladies simply become shadows of themselves as their”light” flickers and fades.

As with all clients, when I work with these ladies the healing process begins from the moment they connect with me. I offer a 4 part programme which runs over the course of a month and am always delighted to see the difference in the ladies. It isn’t just about hypnotherapy; I also include breathing exercises, eft, positive journals, reiki and more.

If you are ready to make the change then please get in touch.
I currently offer a phone/ face to face consultation at my own expense for all clients and am now booking appointments for late August into September.

This 4 session package is called Sparkle; be sure to quote that when  you contact me.