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New Year Resolutions Last week I ran a poll on LinkedIn about New Year Resolutions. The poll has now closed and I was quite surprised to see that for many, New Year Resolutions are very much a thing of the past. Only 8% of those surveyed actually make traditional New Year Resolutions and then stick…

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Covid_19, also known as Corona Virus! Looking back on March 2020 I think we will all say that Covid _19 has changed our lives immeasurably. A month ago I was so pleased with myself, having booked a number of very cheap train journeys for the next few weeks; I also had a day out in…

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Positive Pete or Negative Nora – which are you? Some people spend their whole life regretting what could have been; what should have been; what went wrong; what bad luck they had – when the only person they have to blame is actually themselves and a negative attitude. There must be hundreds of wise sayings…

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February! Are you feeling a bit deflated? Are you disappointed because you haven’t managed your New Year Resolutions? Do you feel there’s just no point in exercising, eating healthily  etc because you couldn’t manage it in January? Welcome to Fix It February!   If you look around you will notice that the days are drawing…

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Mind Monkeys

Mind Monkeys? Mind Monkeys are those annoying voices in your head, sometimes triggered by images, sounds or situations. Are your Mind Monkeys working overtime, filling your head with noise and intrusive thoughts, pretty much 24/7? For some people this will be a song, a jingle or a TV ad which just won’t go away –…

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New Year Resolutions How have you done this year? Did you make any New Year Resolutions  and if you did, have you been able to stick to them? If you are still going strong, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back because you have shown that you have the willpower to stick to…

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Molescroft Surgery

Welcome to Molescroft Surgery! After the initial phone consultation we’ll be working together in my room at Molescroft Surgery in Beverley so allow me to tell you a little bit about what to expect. It can be quite daunting going somewhere new, and even though we will have spoken on the phone and got to…

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2020! Tomorrow we have not just a new year, but also the beginning of a new decade – exciting times! Not everyone has had a great decade, or even a great 2019, and if that’s you  perhaps you are thinking that  it’s time to be moving on? If you are feeling stuck in your life…

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Grief and Loss: Moving On This is my latest qualification which sits nicely alongside the work I do with issues around anxiety. It formalises a lot of the work I have done recently, and complements the techniques I already use with clients experiencing Loss. In the past couple of years I have certainly seen an…

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mental health

“Mental health”  Did you just automatically insert the word, “poor”?   If you have had any contact with social media today you will know that it has been full of posts about World Mental Health Day 2019. There are posts about how poor mental health affects the individual, there are posts about how to have…

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