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It might seem strange to find client feedback in a blog post but as a therapist, client feedback is a key component  in both promoting my services to others and also in learning and honing my skills.
This is an example from one of my clients of how my skills as a therapist have had an impact on his life. I don’t post it to brag, but rather to show just how versatile therapies can be and to promote a spirit of openness. I am always grateful to receive  client feedback because it enables others to find solutions to their problems.
R needed to have surgery but found that he had white coat hypertension – basically his blood pressure shot up in any medical setting  – which meant that his surgery had already been postponed. He was missing out on the active life style which he had once enjoyed. I was delighted to receive a message from him in the New Year to let me know that his surgery had gone ahead and he was well on the way to recovery!
I have a problem with doctors, hospitals and the subsequent control of my blood pressure – more commonly known as white coat syndrome!  This became a huge problem for me, as I needed a total hip replacement and my local hospital would not allow the operation to go ahead until my blood pressure was under control.  My doctor prescribed tablets, but I think both he and I knew that there was something more at play, namely nervousness combined with considerable anxiety.  Thinking about the situation just made matters worse! Having gone for a number of weeks/months with little progress a friend suggested hypnotherapy, something that I had just not considered previously.  I spoke to my doctor about this and he encouraged me to go for it  – hence my call to Anne Marie. A series of extremely worthwhile one to one sessions followed.  These were very well planned and included homework for me to do, ready for our subsequent meetings.   As a result, my operation went ahead and I am now the proud owner of a new hip.  I have nothing but praise for Anne Marie, as this would not have happened without her! 
In recent years I have worked with a number of clients with medical issues, anything from fear of the dentist to white coat hypertension, anxiety around vomiting, fear of needles and fear of death to name just a few.
For some clients the fear, dread and shame have been so overwhelming that they have actively avoided medical help, in some cases with severe consequences.
For men it can be particularly difficult to admit these sort of issues because of the potential ridicule from friends and loved ones.
So when a client does offer feedback I use it to build awareness in the hope that other people with these issues will realise that there is a way forward. Just a couple of sessions may be all that is needed to make the change.
If you recognise yourself or someone you know in this post or in the other feedback on my website, do please get in touch. I offer a free phone consultation so that we can share information. If I believe that I can help you then we will book in an appointment; if I think that you would benefit from something other than the therapies I offer then I will either suggest you see your gp or refer you on to other colleagues.


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