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So what’s in your Control Room?

One of my favourite techniques to use in hypnotherapy is the Control Room technique: it is appropriate for a range of issues and is always relevant to the client because the control room they experience is their very own, not one that I create for them.

How does it work?

In hypnosis, I ask my client to imagine going into their very own control room i.e. the place where everything about them such as fears, confidence, creative ability, attitude to exercise etc is housed. It holds all of the controls from the moment of creation. As you can appreciate, the average 30 year old will have all sorts of controls which no longer have any relevance to their life; they may also have controls which are broken or not working as well as they might, so the first order of the day is a good Spring Clean and fixing session.

We then move on to checking various basic controls such as sense of fun etc before working with the controls relevant to the therapy issue.

I ask my clients to find particular controls and guide them through making these work as efficiently as possible. This may involve replacing parts or improving function or simply rearranging the room.

It is fascinating to hear my clients’ descriptions; the types of equipment described may reflect their life experience e.g. someone with an engineering background may have wheels, cogs and pulleys; a young person may have gaming consoles or computer pads etc, but each client is unique. Across all of the clients with whom I have used this technique, I have never had two identical control rooms.

The reason I love this technique is that my client is always in control, can move controls around the room, link them together, update, replace or get rid of obsolete controls. My client makes the decision about how the control works and how it shows information such as using a dial/push button/ lever etc, and in much the same way that an electrician would PAT test equipment on a regular basis then sign and date a label to that effect, the client does the same.

If this technique is of particular interest to you, please let me know so that I include it in your programme.

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