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Covid 19! Looking back on March I think we will all say that Covid 19 has changed our lives immeasurably.

A month ago I was so pleased with myself, having booked a number of very cheap train journeys for the next few weeks; I also had a day out in Leeds, then Huddersfield and another in Scarborough at the International Women’s Day event, went to the cinema and also a packed theatre to see a live screening of Riverdance, had one of my regular days by the seaside and had my hair cut and coloured. I was looking forward to seeing my grown up children for Mother’s Day and to catching up with friends over coffee…

And here we are, going in to April and not one of those things is remotely possible at the moment.

Like many, I have spent time reflecting and mourning the loss of all of the simple things I had taken so much for granted and now I am having to adapt to this new, and I hope temporary, way of life.

So what have I learned from this so far?

  • Self care is important, particularly if you also have others who rely on you such as small children, so exercise, sleep and healthy meals are the order of the day
  • Find ways of keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues, particularly if you live alone – we are so lucky to have a multitude of technologies to help us to do this
  • Think of others: keep a safe distance, smile and speak to people, only buy the essentials so that there is enough for others
  • Create structure in your day  that includes work, rest and play
  • Try something new, or do that job you’ve been putting off for ages (ironing basket/weeding/accounts etc)
  • Step back from social media, particularly if you find yourself constantly scanning for the latest updates on Covid 19; switch off the news
  • Find things that lift your spirits, whether that is a Disney Singalong, dancing like no-one is watching, or binge watching Friends
  • Get outside each day; even if you can’t go for a walk, take some time to clear your mind and focus on your breathing
  • Stress is not good for the immune system so the more you can cut down on this, the better

Above all, recognise that there will be lots of things going on over which you have no control, but some things such as the list above that you can control.

If you would like me to work with you to reduce anxiety or improve sleep, or if you are dealing with menopausal issues, then please get in touch

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NB During the Covid 19 situation I am working online and have extended my working days and hours.


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