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Exam pressureIs Exam Stress getting you down?

Are you feeling the pressure of upcoming exams?

The Educational Performance course is just what schools have been crying out for  - suitable for students in schools, colleges, universities and professional associations this course is not subject specific, rather it teaches simple skills and strategies which can be applied to all stressful situations.  

This is not just about exams; it gives valuable life skills transferable to a range of situations eg interviews, driving tests, stage and musical performances...


Students: Exam nerves? Stress levels high? Do you feel physically ill, faint, panic stricken as the exam period approaches?

With this simple 3 session programme you can learn techniques to help you focus and achieve peak performance. Think about top athletes and sports men and women. They use similar techniques to get "in the zone", to rehearse success, to visualise scoring that goal or breaking that record. Now you can too with this simple 3 session programme.

This 3 session programme developed by internationally acclaimed professional hypnotherapist and lifestyle coach, Sheila Granger, is designed for schools, colleges and training establishments but is also available for individual clients.

Schools and education establishments: This programme is being rolled out to schools and colleges in the East Yorkshire area.

Contact me for further details of how this can enhance your students' performance in exams.

Sportsmen and women, those about to take professional exams or a driving test: I can help you focus on your goals and manage your stress.

This programme isn't just about school based exam stress - I have worked with clients undertaking professional exams such as electrical qualifications and also doctors and dentists preparing for their VIVA - the spoken part of their examinations.

Also available: support for school staff and also a focused programme for younger students.

Contact me to book your  free 20 minute phone consultation.

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