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Exam Stress!

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Is Exam Stress getting you down?

When you think of exams and exam stress, do you automatically think of GCSE and A Levels? Do you think of sixteen and eighteen year old students desperately trying to recall and regurgitate obscure facts that they've studied over perhaps a 2 year period?

Certainly our young people are under a great deal of pressure to perform; pressure from their parents, pressure from their teachers and the biggest pressure of all? The pressure they put on themselves!

However exam stress isn't just the preserve of young people; I have also worked with clients undertaking all manner of professional exams including electricians, medical professionals and serving police officers.

Not all examinations and assessments are in the written form: In some professions, particularly medical professions such as doctors, dentists, paramedics etc some examination may be in the form of a Viva Voce -the participant is given various scenarios with colleagues playing the role of patients etc and the requirement is a diagnosis and treatment plan which has to be talked through as part of the assessment.

Beyond 16+

Electrician on the Oil rigs - This client had gone through school being told that he wasn't very bright, he would never amount to much etc He had dreaded exams in school but through sheer hard work and determination had worked his way up into a good job. The downside to this was that he was required on a regular basis to take professional exams; deep inside of him there was still the young lad who believed that he was bad at exams.

Trainee dentist - This client was solid on the theory side but struggling with proving her practical skills - not because she didn't know what she was doing, but because in assessments she had to talk through stages and strategies. Her brain worked faster than her mouth so she was constantly tripping herself up and making wrong word choices.

Driving test candidate - This client loved the idea of being independent; in fact she needed to be able to drive because of the demands of her job. A number of circumstances had occurred which meant that she had had some tests cancelled and others she had failed. Her driving instructor told her that she was a good driver, but as soon as she was in the car with the examiner she went to pieces.

Trainee doctor - This client was juggling caring for a young family with completing medical qualifications. The doctor had taken longer than  colleagues because of family commitments and needed to get past the VIVAs. This involves a number of practical assessments when the doctor is given a "patient" and  brief scenario and the doctor has to diagnose and prescribe treatment. It must all be done verbally and that was the sticking point.

Police Officer - This client had so much practical experience but was now faced with promotional exams; he needed some support re the written element but the performance element in a formal interview with colleagues was causing him the most concern.


Exam Stress can be beaten!

The Educational Performance course is just what schools have been crying out for - suitable for student in schools, colleges, universities and professional associations this course is not subject specific, rather it teaches simple skills and strategies which can be applied to all stressful situations.

This is not just about exams; it gives valuable life skills transferable to a range of situations eg interviews, driving tests, stage and musical performances...

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Students: Exam nerves? Stress levels high? Do you feel physically ill, faint, panic stricken as the exam period approaches?

With this simple 4 session program you can learn techniques to help you focus and achieve peak performance. Think about top athletes and sports men and women. They use similar techniques to get "in the zone", to rehearse success, to visualise scoring that goal or breaking that record. Now you can too with this simple 4 session program.

This 4 session program developed by internationally acclaimed professional hypnotherapist and lifestyle coach, Sheila Granger, is designed for schools, colleges and training establishments but is also available for individual clients.

Contact me for further details of how this can enhance your students' performance in exams.


Top tips to banish exam stress:

  • Take some time out - regular breaks where you get up, move around and have a drink and/or a snack
  • Remember to do things that you enjoy - life should not be work, work, work so read a book, watch a video, have some fun!
  • Take time to take time to get outside, away from screens and studying: walk the dog or simply walk/run or cycle for 30 minutes

Also available: support for school staff and also a focused program for younger students.

Contact me to book your 20 minute phone/Zoom consultation.

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