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Hypnosis and Gaming Addiction

Gaming Addiction? What is it?

Well, put simply, it’s when playing online games takes  over  pretty much your entire life.

The gaming industry is a very lucrative business bringing in many  £billions each year, growing rapidly as technology advances at a pace. Companies invest heavily to appeal to a wide audience with bigger, better, more exciting, more realistic games produced each year. Once the domain of teenage boys, then 20 somethings, the industry has developed to appeal to a much wider audience of all ages, gender identities and skill levels.

Gamers want action, thrills, a sense of achievement, so graphic become more complex, skill levels rise and the gamer enters an augmented reality where they can be whoever and however they want to be.


What are the signs of Gaming Addiction?

Do you sit in front of the screen and say something like, ” I’ll just play one more game,” or “I’ll see if I can beat my best score” or “I’m just going to do this until bedtime” and then find that it is several hours later…

Do you find that time has no meaning (just like in hypnosis) and that you are letting slip some of the necessities of life such as sleeping, eating, showering and using the loo?

Do you find it hard to concentrate on anything other than the game?

Do you feel disconnected with what’s going on around you?

Do you have less and less reason to move around, to exercise or get outside?

Do you find your moods being out of kilter? eg total lack of interest in anything other than the game, or flying into a range when disturbed or not acheiving the goals of the game?


Why do some people become so obsessed with Gaming?

Many people play online games to relax at home – an alternative perhaps to watching tv; some watch it as a shared experience with players online or in the room. That’s okay if you know your limits and take regular breaks, have gaming as just one aspect of a varied and active life – but the gaming industry doesn’t design games to be completed in 20 minutes or half an hour – they build in more and more highly stimulating visuals, challenges, layers of complexity and achievement so that it can be difficult to find a good stopping point.

For some people too, their virtual life within the game is far more rewarding, interesting and positive than reality so playing games becomes a way of escaping.


Is Gaming Addiction dangerous?

Anything that you do to excess, whether that’s drinking, eating, exercise or gaming or something else, can impact on the quality and quantity of your life.

Gaming Addiction, also known as Internet Gaming Disorder, can have a  negative impact on both your mental and physical health:

  • Relationships
  • Work performance
  • Learning ability in school or college
  • Repetitive stress injuries leading to pain, numbness and inflammation
  • Vision problems from excessive screen time
  • Headaches
  • Obesity through lack of exercise
  • Circulation problems from extended time in one position
  • Poor Concentration
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Poor Nutrition caused by poor/ irregular eating habits and lack of nutritious food
  • Aggression
  • Reduced sensitivity to violence


Hypnosis for Gaming Addiction

Recognising that you need help is the first step.

You may find that you can put in place some simple strategies to help yourself such as making changes to your routine, for example, taking a different or longer route home,  visiting a friend or setting up a meal schedule; friends and family can help too by chatting on the phone or computer when you feel particularly stressed.

Contacting your GP or speaking  to the Mental Health First Aider at work is also recommended, or look on the nhs website if you are concerned about mental or physical symptoms.

Hypnosis can help you to take back control, first of all by looking at the root causes of  the issue but also by giving you new, powerful, positive techniques which you can build into your everyday routine; you’ll develop greater self-control and learn how to reduce tension and stress with relaxation.

You might be surprised how much your life improves as  you take back control: your sleep, your diet, your desire to exercise, your ability to embrace the real world.

I have over 100 videos on my YouTube channel, many of which deal with health issues so please feel free to have a look around and to subscribe to my channel.

Are you ready to get the better of the Gaming Addiction?

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