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Stop Smoking with Anne Marie

Stop smoking now!My Stop Smoking programme consists of a detailed phone consultation of 20-30 minutes (which does not include hypnotherapy) followed by one intensive session of hypnotherapy  of approximately 60-90 mins.

At that consultation you will be asked about when, where, why, how you smoke, any triggers for smoking and about your motivation to become a successful non-smoker. I will send you my bank transfer details and the consent forms etc by email and request that you complete these and email back, making payment at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

The hypnotherapy session will be scheduled for approximately 1 week after the phone consultation; this is to give you the opportunity to reflect on your reasons for becoming a successful non-smoker.

You will be expected to smoke your last cigarette the night before your appointment and to dispose of any remaining cigarettes/tobacco, ashtrays etc

If you are struggling with the thought of the cost of this programme then consider this:

How much did you pay for your last holiday? Was it what you wanted – or what you could afford?

Now think about how many cigarettes you buy each week, and how that affects the rest of your life:

Well, if you are a 20 per day smoker you consume approximately 140 per week ( give or take the cigs you give to your mates and the cigs they give to you) – at around £9 per 20 that ‘s £63 per week and £252 per month…

£3270+ PER YEAR!


 Now think about the holiday you could have with an extra £3270…

And remember:


Take that first step to becoming fitter, healthier and smoke free:

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