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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Now!

So what's stopping you from being a non-smoker?

You were not born a smoker, were you? It's a habit you have picked up and habits can be broken!

Why is it important to stop smoking?

Well, years ago it was the fashion to smoke - every film star in Hollywood smoked, so all their fans did too! There were no real concerns about how smoking might affect your health - you could even buy menthol cigarettes, so they couldn't possibly be harmful, could they?!!

It was even believed that smoking helped you (usually ladies) to stay slim as it helped to suppress the appetite and that it gave you an air of sophistication.

(I'll just mention at this point that another popular belief at that time was that if you wanted to stay slim you could swallow a tape worm...!)

What hasn't changed is that many young people take their first drag of a cigarette to fit in with their mates...

Do you remember that first drag on a cigarette? That eye-watering, wretching, vomit-inducing first few puffs when your body was trying everything it could to put you off putting that poison in to your system, but you didn't listen...

Nowadays, of course, we know that smoking is harmful; we know that cigarettes are packed full of dangerous chemicals. Spend a few minutes searching the Internet to remind yourself about the poisons you are putting in to your body. It really does read like the contents of a poison cupboard.

How much?!!

"I want to stop smoking but your fees are very expensive!"

Compared to what?

If you are struggling with the thought of the cost of this programme then consider this:

How much did you pay for your last holiday? Was it what you wanted - or what you could afford?

Now think about how many cigarettes you buy each week, and how that affects the rest of your life:

Buying a pack of cigarettes in the supermarket will cost you between £10-£13.50.

Well, if you are a 20 per day smoker you consume approximately 140 per week (give or take the cigs you give to your mates and the cigs they give to you) - even if you buy the £10 packs at around £10 per 20 that's £70 per week and £280 per month...

£3360+ PER YEAR!

(or £4536+ if you smoke the more expensive cigarettes)


 Now think about the holiday you could have with an extra £3-£4.5K per year...


If you are serious about returning to that non-smoker status then please get in touch and I will explain the process.


If you are accepted for the Stop Smoking session you will be expected to smoke your last cigarette the night before your appointment  and to dispose of  all but one of your cigarettes, together with any smoking  paraphernalia such as ashtrays and lighters.

NB At the consultation you will be asked why you are now looking for help to stop smoking; if you are doing it because your partner/parent/friend is the motivator it is unlikely that I will take you on as a client. You have to really and truly want it for yourself. Weigh up the pros and cons and be truthful to yourself - only contact me if you want to make that change to a non-smoker.

Contact me here  or on 07910 407878, or why not check out my Facebook page Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy where I often post relevant articles.

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