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Reviews: Client feedback

Reviews and Recommendations of my services are always gratefully received!

Over the years I have received some fantastic recommendation and reviews from satisfied clients and I love to share these. I believe it gives confidence to visitors to my website  who are almost always looking for reassurance that I have the skills to help them to move forward. Not everyone is comfortable with completing reviews on Facebook or Google so here are some where I have protected the client's identity.

Please bear in mind that when you are looking for a therapist, price should not be your main focus. Look for a recommendation or review, if not from a trusted friend, colleague or family member, then look at websites and directories to find a recommendation.

Here is just a sample of reviews received but I hope it will give you a flavour of the way I work:


Review 1:

K is a lovely lady who came to me recently as she felt she had "lost her way". During her working life she had been used to making decisions and being independent, but now found herself  anxious about even the simplest of things. This has to be one of my favourite reviews!



I was very sceptical to say the least as to whether Hypnotherapy would work for me and it took some time for me to find the courage to make that initial contact.  
However wish I had done it sooner Anne was very welcoming and made me feel at a ease immediately.
Over a period of two years I had somehow lost all self esteem, started to suffer anxiety and panic attacks all of which began to affect my day to day life.  
After four sessions with Anne she has succeeded in bringing the old me back to life and has given me the tools to work with on a daily basis to maintain this. 
I would highly recommend this lady to anyone contemplating hypnotherapy. 
Thank you for all your help x K

Review 2:

S asked for help in reducing her weight, but as we chatted it was clear that she was using chocolate (just about every night) as a reward for working some pretty punishing hours in her family business.
I was delighted with the changes she made, not just in her relationship with food, but also in her work/life balance.


A reward for a hard day's work?


Wanting to lose a little weight and my addiction to chocolate I made an appointment to see Anne. I was totally at ease on my first visit.
Anne is very calm and so very, very supportive.
After my first session of hypnosis the chocolate was a no-no and after four sessions I had lost an amazing 10lb and no chocolate urges.
Two months on I've still maintained my weight loss. Thank you Anne; I couldn't have done it without you.

Review 3:

L has a busy life but found that anxiety was getting the  better of her. I created a bespoke, mixed therapy 4 session programme for her using TFT, reiki, hypnotherapy and other modalities.
I came to Anne Marie a month ago, struggling with anxiety and stress relating to my work.
I was feeling very low and had lost my confidence and general sense of self.
Anne Marie was fantastic and listened carefully to me before suggesting a programme of sessions, tailored around my needs.
I found the sessions, a mixture of hypnotherapy (which I had never done before and was not sure what to expect at all) and reiki, really amazing! After each session I have felt more positive, relaxed and able to cope confidently with whatever might happen. 
Along with a combination of practical suggestions and techniques to use in every day life, reading materials and relaxation techniques I have made great progress.
My anxiety has almost disappeared and the sessions with Anne Marie have helped me focus on my feelings, re build confidence and focus on what is really important.
I would recommend Anne Marie whole heartedly. She has helped change my life!

Review 4:

K came to me because of overwhelming menopausal issues; her days and nights were being disrupted by multiple hot flushes in the daytime and even worse night sweats.
The changes in this lady in just 4 sessions was truly amazing! I enjoyed every minute of working with her.
I hope that reviews like this encourage more ladies to explore alternative ways of reducing/removing menopausal symptoms.
I would highly recommend Anne for hypnotherapy; she goes the extra mile and has great listening skills and I miss our sessions together.

Review 5:

This time last year this lady was really struggling!
I have been helped so much by Anne Marie Stagg. When I first went to her I was in such a state and near suicidal.
With her help, through hypnotherapy, I am in a much better place. I am able to cope so much better with everyday life; the difference to my life to where I was, is amazing.
I find Anne Marie to be very calm, professional, kind, caring and a good listener when needed.
I continue to see her with my sessions of reiki; it continually keeps me focused, calm and hopeful of what I can achieve.
I will be forever grateful as I would not be here today, coping with life again if it was not for her, and as my family would say, they have their mum back.

Review 6:

D had no self-belief - she was constantly putting herself down and taking a back seat in things. I was so pleased to be able to help her change how she saw herself and to give her some coping strategies so that she was able to be more pro-active.


Why putting yourself first isn't being selfish

"I have been seeing Anne for the last few weeks for many different problems that I have been facing.
I have had the space to be able to explore my feelings with some valuable coping techniques shared which I had not thought about previously.
Wonderful session which made me so relaxed and feeling good.
Many new things to think about to continue this journey!"

Review 7:

I was delighted to receive this google review from a lovely lady who had a lot of stuff going on in her life.


If you have found any reviews particularly useful or interesting, please click here.  We can book a consultation via Zoom which is a great way of getting to know each other so that . if appropriate, we can plan a course of therapy.
If you are a client and would like to add a recommendation please get in touch, either via text or through my Facebook page Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy


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