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Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

Have you heard of KISS?

No, I’m not referring to Gene Simmons and his rock band, nor am I asking you to pucker up those lips…

I’m referring to the ancronym: KISS or Keep it Simple Stupid!

Rather than trying to pack more and more into the day or add layers of meaning or extra steps to tasks lets bring things back to basics.

Ask yourself, when did you last stop to appreciate the simple things in life?

 Nowadays so many people seem quite willing to spend a small fortune in the pursuit of happiness, when there is so much already in their lives which could fulfill their needs in life,
The next time you feel stressed, fed up, at a loss, frustrated, beyond help… take some time to take stock, count your blessings and keep it simple.

Perhaps you could take a long deep bath, rather than an invigorating power shower?
Switch off the TV and listen to some music instead.
Dig out the box of photos  and wallow in nostalgia for a while.

The simple fact  is that some people spend all their life in pursuit of happiness when what makes them happy is right there under their nose.

For me, a walk around the garden gives the time for quiet contemplation. It’s amazing how noticing new growth on shrubs or seeing the tiniest tip of a leaf poking through the soil cheers my soul. As I mentally plan the gardening jobs everything else seems to fall in to place.

Cost?  Not a penny.

It is well documented that animals bring great joy and have been used successfully for years in therapy. Simply stroking or talking to a pet soothes the soul.

No garden and no pet? Invest in a good old fashioned lava lamp and switch the lights down low. As the lamp warms up and the contents become more fluid, just let you eyes gaze in to the swirling mass of colour. You will find that tension flows away.

In hypnotherapy I often take clients through a process of getting rid of worries/ insecurities/ things that they feel are preventing them having the life they desire. You could try a version of this for yourself:

  • Sit quietly for a while with a pen and pad
  • Write words and phrases or draw simple symbols which represent your worries and concerns
  •  Put each one on a separate piece of paper
  • Now you destroy each one. If you have the luxury of a coal fire then take each piece of paper, say out loud what that paper represents, and throw it into the fire.
  • Alternatively, if you have a shredder then go through the same process, or rip each sheet in to as many pieces as possible, put it into a bag and put it out into the dustbin.

Simple but effective. 

Keep it Simple


If you are feeling very stressed and you feel that aspects of your health are being affected eg poor sleep, weight loss, nausea, bouts of weeping or rage, chest or arm pains etc you must see k medical advice immediately. In an emergency phone 999; if it is not an emergency but you need some advice speak to your GP.

When given the all clear you might like to look at ways that you can “keep it simple”, both in your work and home life.

I can teach you positive mindset techniques and relaxation helping you to focus on what is important and to make better use of your time and energy, so if you are interested please get in touch through my Contact page here  so that we can set up a Zoom call.

All of my work is online so location is not usually an issue.

For more information about my work please have a look around my website or visit my Facebook page or have a look at my Google Reviews.


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