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Menopause Matters!

Do you experience this?

menopause matters

Hot flushes leading to exhaustion, embarrassment and an inability to enjoy life

But would prefer to experience this?

Menopause matters

Cool control: few or no hot flushes or night sweats, regained energy and love for life.

How do you describe yours?

The Menopause!

Some ladies are lucky enough to sail through their fifties and beyond with barely a hot flush, but the reality for most ladies is that the dreaded hot flush can be a whole lot more than an occasional inconvenience. Hot flushes can be overwhelming, with ladies using phrases such as "hotter than Hell" or "burning up"; this leads them to experience overwhelm, exhaustion and can be downright  embarrassing when the hot flush happens without warning.

Likewise, night sweats wreck sleep patterns, with some ladies stating that they are worse than the daytime hot flushes. In some cases the sweats are so severe that nightclothes and bedding are soaked and have to be changed. Endless nights of broken sleep then contribute to making the other menopause symptoms such as brain fog even worse.

And then, of course, there is the dreaded brain fog; that element of the Menopause which can turn you into a jibbering wreck or a barely functioning zombie!

Of course there are many more symptoms associated with the Menopause, but I think that these 3 are probably top of the league.

Menopause matters because it affects 50% of the population, but did you know that until quite recently the Menopause, sometimes known as The Change, was something of a taboo subject? Thankfully times are changing as women are more open about sharing their experiences and celebrities speak candidly about how the Menopause has affected them. Also, employers are now supporting their female workforce in dealing with their symptoms whilst at work and recognise the value the ladies bring to the business.

HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy has been prescribed by GPs for many years to help overcome some of the physical and mental symptoms of the Menopause, but it is not suitable for everyone and not everyone wants to take it. HRT is often in the news, sometimes highlighting the benefits of taking it but also there will be reports about negative side effects.

If you are taking HRT and are worried about side effects, or if you believe that you are entering the Menopause, please consult your health professional.

What if you are looking for an alternative to HRT?

If  you have started to change your routine for fear of having a "hot one" whilst you are out, if you wake up one or more times every night soaked with sweat, if it feels as if you have swallowed the burning fires of Hell, then let me tell you about my hypnotherapy programme - Menopause Matters.

Menopause Matters: the 4 session programme just for you!

Using a tried and tested 4 session programme we will address the physical symptoms of the Menopause so that you take back control of your body, your sleep, your identity. We will focus on  reducing the warmth of the hot flush but many ladies also report  better sleep, a feeling of wellbeing etc over and above all a reduction in the hot flushes. We'll be looking at all aspects of your life to identify any triggers: food and drink, exercise, hobbies, sleep hygiene...

Each of the four sessions will build on the previous one so that your symptoms reduce or disappear in as little as 4 sessions (4 -6 weeks for many ladies as sessions are planned on a weekly basis). You will also have some tasks between sessions to really reinforce what we have done, but don't worry; they are fun, easy and don't take too long!

Alongside the hypnotherapy sessions there will be lots of "life hacks" re diet and exercise so that all aspects of your life improve; entering the Menopause does not have to mean that life becomes dull and boring or that you turn into a zombie!

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