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The Menopause: Hot flush? Brain Fog? Feelings of overwhelm?


Some ladies are lucky enough to sail through their fifties and beyond with barely a hot flush, but the reality for most ladies is that the dreaded hot flush can be a whole lot more than an occasional inconvenience.

Many ladies are prescribed HRT to help overcome some of the physical and mental symptoms of the menopause but it is not suitable for everyone.

If  you have started to change your routine for fear of having a "hot one" whilst you are out, if you wake up one or more times every night soaked with sweat, if it feels as if you have swallowed the burning fires of Hell, then there is now a hypnotherapy programme just for you - Menopause Me: Sleeping with one leg out of bed.

Using a tried and tested 4 session programme we will address the physical symptoms of menopause so that you take back control of your body, your sleep, your identity. We will focus on  reducing the warmth of the hot flush but many ladies also report  better sleep, a feeling of wellbeing etc over and above a reduction in the hot flushes.

Give me a call to arrange your free initial consultation; get back on track and regain control.

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