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Mind Monkeys

Are your Mind Monkeys working overtime, filling your head with noise and intrusive thoughts, pretty much 24/7?

For some people this will be a song, a jingle or a TV ad which just won’t go away – even as you read the words, “Frozen”, “The Greatest Showman”, ” The Monkees” or “The Banana Splits”, I have put at least one of those tunes into your head like an ear worm….

For others it is a negative chatterbox constantly making put down comments, telling you that you are worthless, stupid, fat and doubting your every decision; there is no peace.

If you hear something enough times you will believe it and these limiting beliefs will affect every decision you make.

The constant negative chatter and noise could also affect your sleep and your ability to make day to day decisions which in turn might make you feel anxious and insecure.

How can you quieten the Mind Monkeys?

You might be aware of the saying, “If you are always do what you have always done, you’ll get the same results…”. so if you want different results then change what you do:

  • Create new routines around mealtimes and bedtime
  • Take some time for yourself each day to simply relax and focus on breathing.
  • Get outside and away from the tv and social media
  • Eat healthy, nutritious food, reducing additives and sugar
  • Make a list of 3 things which have made you smile each day and review  it at the end of each week.

Hypnotherapy will give you the tools to take charge and make these changes, building your self-esteem, reducing your anxiety levels and creating a positive mindset. You may be taught self-hypnosis to use in conjunction with breathing techniques or be asked to choose a worry window each day when you can tune in to the niggly negative chatter whilst ignoring it for the rest of the time.

If you need help to quieten those Mind Monkeys then please get in touch here or call 07910 407878 for your free 20 minute phone consultation.

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