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After the initial phone consultation we’ll be working together in my room at Molescroft Surgery in Beverley.

It can be quite daunting going somewhere new, and even though we will have spoken on the phone and got to know each other a little, it will help if you have some idea of what to expect.

First of all, I will send a text the day before your appointment to remind you of the time, date and location.

When you arrive please park in the first area then walk down the drive to the entrance:

Entrance at Molescroft Surgery

Welcome to Molescroft Surgery

Come in to Reception (this is also where the toilets are located)

Reception at Molescroft Surgery

My room is next to the Reception desk; no need to go the the desk, just take a seat near my room and I will come out to meet you.

Room 4 at Molescroft Surgery

This is my room at the surgery: I love to photograph flowers and scenery but perhaps my attempts at photographing my room could be better!

This is where the hypnotherapy takes place; we sit in these chairs and may use headphones during the hypno sessionHypnotherapy Corner

This is my therapy bed for Reiki; you do not need to remove clothes, other than your shoes, and you will be covered by a blanket.

Reiki therapy bedHere are some general pictures of the room

Room 4

Molescroft SurgeryMolescroft Surgery

And this is TB, my Therapy Bear, with his cousin, Woolly Bear; they are really important team members when working with childrenTB and Woolly Bear

Sessions which include hypnotherapy are 60-75 minutes long and include a review of progress, therapy as appropriate, homework and future planning; simple reiki sessions will be 60 minutes, including any paperwork.

I post regularly on social media so look out for me on Facebook at Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy

I also have an active presence on LinkedIn  so please check out my profile  or on Instagram.

Any questions, please get in touch via the contact page  or call 07910 407878

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