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Pain Management

images of pain in knee, elbow and headimage of pain in knee, elbow and head

How do you describe yours?

Suffering Agony Affliction Torture Torment Discomfort Soreness Spasm  Sorrow Grief Desolation Misery Trauma Despair...  PAIN!


Now imagine being PAIN FREE... How would life be different? What could you do that you can't do now?


Has Pain taken over your entire life?

Has it become part of your identity?

Does it affect your sleep/ability to work/relationships/stop you going on holiday or enjoying sport? Do you sometimes use it as an excuse not to do something, or use it as a form of control over others?

If you are living with an old injury or a condition such as arthritis, or have been told that there is nothing more that can be done other than taking painkillers, then your quality of life is definitely not what it should be! Let's face it, the idea of being in that negative state is not good!

Some people deal with this by throwing themselves into not letting that pain stop them; it's no surprise that their pain may get even worse as the Unconscious mind does its best to get them to stop doing the thing that caused the pain in the first place.

Others will allow it to become who they are, refusing to accept that life can be any other way; in this case the Unconscious will just keep doing exactly what it has been doing because it doesn't know any different.

There are a number of ways to deal with pain issues.

I sometimes use OldPain2Go as part of a 4 session mixed therapy program but it is also possible to use it as a stand alone therapy. I am a certified OldPain2Go practitioner, trained by the creator, Steven Blake and was one of the first in the East Riding of Yorkshire to use this powerful methodology.

When you first experience an injury/condition the pain is there as a signal for you to reduce activity and take care so that your body can go through the healing process; when the injury has healed or you know about your condition, such as arthritis, then those signals are no longer necessary, but sometimes the message continues to transmit...

To put it another way, it's like a faulty fire alarm or old answerphone message that just keeps activating even though you know it's not relevant. Eventually you'll switch off to the message or just be determined to live with it. The problem with this is that you may miss the signs that there is a new injury which needs attention.

OldPain2Go is a great process which works just as well over Zoom as face to face and can be used for a huge range of issues. You might be surprised to discover that it does not involve hypnotherapy, but rather a simple dialogue between the Conscious and the Unconscious mind. There may be some Brain Bargaining involved which means that you agree to avoid situations that could aggravate your condition. Only the old messages are switched off, and this only happens if your Unconscious accepts they are no longer necessary. If you were to experience a new injury  you would of course experience pain as a message to deal with it and seek medical attention.

The change is typically made in one session, however it may take more as every client is an individual with their own experiences and it may be more appropriate to use OldPain2Go as one element of a more comprehensive program.

At the end of the session you will be advised to take it easy for a few days and to avoid doing the things that caused you the problems in the first place.

Are you ready to take back control and say No! to pain?

Please, give me a call: 07910 407878.

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Please feel free to give me a call or complete the contact form giving me details of what you want to change. What do you have to lose?  Are you still thinking, One Day Maybe - or are you ready to make today Day One...?


Top 3 hypnotherapy award

Mental Health Awards 2023


If you have ME or Fibromyalgia please contact me too.

Remember, you must have consulted a medical professional prior to the session, to confirm this is an old pain, and after your session with me you must continue taking any medication prescribed to you until you have consulted your GP or consultant and they have given you the all clear to reduce or stop.

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