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Price List 2021


Please note that all therapy takes place online via Zoom.

Initial Consultation

Please contact me to book your 20 minute consultation on Zoom/phone. This enables us both to ask questions and share information. Most programs are 4 sessions, however this may vary from client to client and between programs so this initial consultation is very important.

The price quoted allows for up to 80 minutes per session if required; I do not charge an hourly rate.

The price includes all additional materials, recordings, additional therapies.



4 session, hypnotherapy based programs are typically £350 (discount given based on £100 per session)

Hypnotherapy is the basis of most of the programs I offer so I routinely see people for anxiety, stress and confidence issues, fears and phobias, insomnia etc. I may choose to include other therapies within the program I create for you (no additional cost incurred). The price for 4 sessions includes homework task and a  recording. Please contact me for further details.


Menopause Matters

4 session program

This is predominantly hypnotherapy but I may also include other gentle therapies. Very popular for reducing /removing hot flushes, night sweats and brain fog. This programme looks at all aspects of your life, including diet, water intake, exercise, hobbies, sleep hygiene  etc

The price for this program includes up to 3 recordings.


Education Performance Practitioner

Usually 3 sessions

This is for students of all ages and employs hypnotherapy for relaxation and future pacing; simple mindset techniques to instil confidence to enable the student to reach their potential


New for 2020: Grief, Loss and Moving On

4 sessions

This predominantly hypnotherapy program is for anyone who is ready to move on from grief and loss but needs support and guidance. Loss may also refer to situations other than bereavement such as redundancy, relocation, relationship breakdown and empty nest syndrome.


What's It Like: Hypnosis?

Single session

An opportunity to experience hypnosis. nb no therapy takes place. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any aspects of your life which you would like to change to discover if one of my programs could help. You could choose to spend a relaxing session on the beach, out in the countryside or on the golf course.



During the Covid 19 situation I will be offering distance Reiki at no cost to anyone who requests it.

Face to face Reiki not available during the Covid 19 situation. When this is over individual Reiki sessions will be £35 and approx. 60 minutes including consultation.

Reiki is not a massage and does not require removal of clothing, other than shoes. watch etc rather it works on the natural energies of our bodies.



From £100.00 per session

TFT can be booked as a stand-alone therapy but I usually incorporate it into to mixed therapy sessions in which case there would be no additional charge. I routinely teach basic TFT techniques to use between sessions of hypnotherapy.



From £120.00 per session

This is not hypnotherapy; rather a conversation with the Unconscious or Subconscious Mind.


Updated 2021: Weight Management

From £400.00

This is a 4 session program of weight management which is hypnotherapy based and uses the Virtual Gastric Band as a technique. Additional sessions may be purchased at a discounted rate. We cannot guarantee results as everyone is unique.



Calm Kids Coach

Usually 4 sessions

The number of sessions may be more depending on the age of the child. Great for confidence building and self-belief.


Stop Smoking 2020 

£250.00 usually 1 extended session

If you are committed to returning to being a non-smoker, please get in touch. I will support you in this change. Please note that if I do not believe that you are committed to this process, I will not take you on as a client.



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This Price List is effective from 4th January 2021.

As I create bespoke programs please note that this Price List might not cover every issue; please contact me for your free consultation to discuss your requirements 


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