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Why putting yourself first isn’t being selfish

Is this you? Do you believe that putting yourself first is selfish?

A common theme with my female clients is physical and emotional exhaustion. They spend so long trying to mediate between their children, anticipate problems, complete household tasks, run mum’s taxi service, be the good wife, all whilst holding down a demanding job, that there is no time left for them to be themselves; they enter an almost zombie state where their feelings and emotions take a back seat to everything they have to do for others.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that far from being valued for making everything run smoothly, they are perceived by friends and family as boring, always cleaning, too tired to have fun, a nag… They try harder to get it right and the vicious circle continues. Somewhere along the line they lose their sense of identity.

By the time these ladies get to me they are thoroughly exhausted, spent, a shadow of their former selves and in desperate need. I listen to what they have to say – and often I am the first person who actually has listened to them – there are tears and apologies for wasting my time, being a “silly girl” or “stupid”  or “selfish” and heavy use of the tissues.

Perhaps you have seen the motivational quote on Facebook, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. The follow up line is “Take care of yourself first” and this really is the best advice of all.

That’s why, when I take on a client,  I almost always set homework. Therapy sessions, whether I am using hypno, TFT, OldPain2Go or a combination, all focus on releasing negative emotions, memories etc and creating new, positive attitudes and motivation.  Homework in the form of writing a daily journal or listening to a recording each day  reinforces the work done in the session and allows the client to find themselves again. We also spend time on how to do things differently: learning to say No and to delegate are top of the list!

Regaining a work/ life balance will enable you to give the best and get the best out of your life.

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