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Reiki is a lovely experience both to give and receive - it's not a massage and you don't need to remove any clothes, but you will come away from a session feeling amazing: stress free, re-balanced, so relaxed as if you have had the best night's sleep ever, or been on an amazing holiday!

It's actually quite difficult to explain reiki; the best way to understand it is to book a session and experience it. You don't need to have any particular religious beliefs as it is simply rebalancing the body using the chakra points of the body  using reiki (universal life force energy).

If you were to watch a session you would see very little: someone on a therapy bed or in a chair and the practitioner moving around that person holding their hands over the body, perhaps with their eyes closed; sometimes crystals are placed on the chakra points too and soothing music may be added in to the mix to give that relaxing atmosphere. It's definitely not a spectator event!

In fact, everyone experiences reiki in their own way. Some people (practitioners and clients too) feel heat/ warmth in their body; others may experience vibrations or see colours. Some people just feel calm and relaxed. It's all good!

If you are interested in redefining how you live your life, the principles shown below are a very simple set of guidelines which you might find interesting. It asks you to focus a day at a time on just 5 simple things:


The Reiki Principles: Simple guidance for life

The Reiki Principles: Simple guidance for life



Universal life force energy

If you are open to the idea of complementary treatments, if you have enjoyed Hot Stones/ Reflexology/ Aromatherapy or similar, then why not make this the year you try Reiki?

I give myself regular treatments and have had outstanding results with clients from teenagers to pensioners. It can also be used with animals  and family and world situations.

It is used with conditions as wide ranging as :

  • post operative pain
  • headaches
  • back injuries
  • carpal tunnel
  • toothache
  • knee problems
  • frozen shoulder
  • stress and anxiety
  • period pains

NB Reiki should be regarded as a complementary therapy, not an alternative to medical advice or treatment. If you have any concerns about your health please consult your GP or go to a reliable source of information such as the nhs website.

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