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Reviews and Recommendations of my services:

Over the years I have received some fantastic recommendation and reviews from satisfied clients and I love to share these. I believe it gives confidence to visitors to my website  who are almost always looking for reassurance that I have the skills to help them to move forward. Not everyone is comfortable with completing reviews on Facebook or Google so here are some where I have protected the client's identity. I also have reviews on LinkedIn and have been named as a  3Best Rated Hypnotherapist in East Yorkshire for more than 5 years.

Please bear in mind that when you are looking for a therapist, price should not be your main focus. Look for a recommendation or review, if not from a trusted friend, colleague or family member, then look at websites and directories to find a recommendation.

In a recent poll which I conducted on LinkedIn, I was curious to know where people look for information  when they are deciding to work with a hypnotherapist. Google was the search engine which came out top in the voting, which is why I have decided to showcase some of my Google 5* reviews here. Please do check on Google for regular updates; you can find my Google reviews here.

Two recent reviews: I loved working with both of these ladies! Google 5* Review from an Anxiety client

Google 5* Review from a client with anxiety and health worries

A Selection of More Great 5* Reviews from Google:

Google 5* Review from parent of under 16 childGoogle 5* ReviewGoogle 5* Review Google 5* Review

Google 5* Review

Google 5* Review

Google 5* Review

Google 5* Review

Google 5* Review

Older Reviews:

Review 1:

Working with driving test anxiety is all about building confidence and future pacing; just as an athlete mentally rehearses their success a driver preparing for their test can do the same. Of course, there's lots more to share, but knowing what to expect and anticipating variations on a theme, go a long way to success.

Driving test anxiety

Review 2:

S asked for help in reducing her weight, but as we chatted it was clear that she was using chocolate (just about every night) as a reward for working some pretty punishing hours in her family business.
I was delighted with the changes she made, not just in her relationship with food, but also in her work/life balance.
weight management

Review 3:

K came to me because of overwhelming menopausal issues; her days and nights were being disrupted by multiple hot flushes in the daytime and even worse night sweats.
The changes in this lady in just 4 sessions was truly amazing! I enjoyed every minute of working with her.
I hope that reviews like this encourage more ladies to explore alternative ways of reducing/removing menopausal symptoms.
menopause relief review

Review 4:

This time last year this lady was really struggling!
anxiety review

Review 5:

D had no self-belief - she was constantly putting herself down and taking a back seat in things. I was so pleased to be able to help her change how she saw herself and to give her some coping strategies so that she was able to be more pro-active.
self esteem review

Review 6:

I was delighted to receive this Google review from a lovely lady who had a lot of stuff going on in her life.



Review 7:

This lady was feeling the effects of the pandemic and very uneasy about doing some of the things that previously had just been everyday life. We worked together online over 4 sessions with great effect.

anxiety review

If you have found any reviews particularly useful or interesting, please click here.  We can book a consultation via Zoom which is a great way of getting to know each other so that, if appropriate, we can plan a course of therapy.
If you are a client and would like to add a recommendation please get in touch, either via text or through my Facebook page Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy
Alternatively, you may wish to leave a review on Google My Business by following this link.

Top 3 hypnotherapy award

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