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Sleep Tips

counting sheep may eventually lead to sleep...

Counting sheep may eventually lead to sleep…

A good night’s sleep may mean different things to different people but whether you need 6, 7 or 8 hours  to feel refreshed it is probably true to say that poor or broken sleep will affect us all at some time or other in our lives.
Children may suffer disrupted sleep patterns if they are worried about something at home or at school; school students have their rest shredded by the nerves and stress of controlled assessments and exams; uni students disrupt their sleep with social activities or burning the candle at both ends; adults have the stress of work, money, family,pregnancy,menopause and response to medication, not to mention shift work – the list is endless.

Sweet dreams!

There are some things that you can do to improve your chances of a good night’s rest:
Establish a bedtime routine – just like you did with your children when they were young
Use essential oils such as lavender in the bath to soothe the senses
Ensure that your bedroom is cool and blue light free
Focus on breathing techniques to empty your mind of chatter
If you can not sleep then get up and leave the bedroom but make the bed ; go and read a magazine or do a crossword for 15 minutes. When you go back in to the bedroom the freshly made bed will be the signal for going to sleep.
There are also many excellent apps available or you can contact your local hypnotherapist or reiki practitioner for support to overcome insomnia.