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Stage Fright?

Unveiling Inner Confidence: Defeat Stage Fright with Hypnotherapy

Stage fright, the anxiety that crawls beneath the spotlight, isn’t limited to actors and singers. It can affect anyone and often kicks in on really important events when you really want to perform at your best.

So who does it affect?

  • Team leaders presenting to colleagues
  • Middle management delivering keynotes
  • Teachers – even the super cool ones!
  • The Best Man at a wedding
  • You?

What does it look and feel like?

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • parched mouths
  • beads of sweat
  • red cheeks
  • pounding heart
  • panic
  • mental fog
  • stumbling over words
  • and lots more

If that all sounds a little too familiar, you might be surprised to know that you are not alone – in fact you are in very good company, alongside many famous people:

  • Adele
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • Harry Styles
  • Emma Watson
  • Stephen Fry
  • Katy Perry

And so many more…

What can be done to overcome stage fright?

Don’t try to sweep under the carpet: if you know that stage fright affects you and you have a key event coming up, plan to succeed!

Organization is key; first things first, prep like a pro: the more sorted you are, the less those nerves will get to you.

Get your stuff organized, know your game plan, and who’s in your audience.

Keep an eye on the clock – how much time do you have? Use it carefully so that you don’t finish too early or get cut off in your prime!

Do you have equipment to use? Perhaps you are running slides etc or have handouts? Delegate – ask a friend or colleague to handle anything which could get in the way of a smooth delivery.

Have a glass of water or a  water bottle handy. It’s a game-changer – not only will you stay hydrated and clear headed but  you can use it to slow your pace of delivery.

Time for some practice: do your thing in front of a mirror, use your phone or laptop to record, or rope in a friend to give you some honest (supportive) feedback. Check your tone, volume, and pace (hint: go slower and breathe easy). If it sounds slow in your head, it’s probably the right speed!

Think about what you are going to wear, including your footwear; if you feel good in what you are wearing you will feel more confident. A word of warning though, don’t go for new killer heels if you usually wear trainers; falling off your heels walking across a stage is hard to come back from!

PS Don’t practise sitting down on a sofa in your lounge if you know that you are going to be standing up for the presentation.

If you would like more help, consider some sessions of hypnotherapy.

Elevate with Hypnotherapy:

Using positive mindset techniques you will be able to say goodbye to the old niggling narrative of self-doubt and discover a newfound confidence. Through guided hypnotherapy sessions, you’ll master the art of controlled breathing, build confidence and resilience, see yourself succeeding and so much more.

Seize Your Opportunity:

Don’t let stage fright dim your potential. If stage fright is getting in the way of you performing at your best please get in touch. Claim your complimentary 20-minute discovery call and together we can plan a way forward.

If you need to know more about me or hypnotherapy in general, please have a look around my website and check out my Google reviews and other social media such as my YouTube channel where you will find over 100 videos.

Use the Contact page to book your consultation or call me now on 07910 407878.

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