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Success in 2023

2023? It’s got to be better than 2022, right?

How many resolutions/goals did you set for yourself this time last year – and how long before they fell by the wayside?

Goals really don’t work for a lot of people and that’s usually to do with how they were created; too vague, not time limited, unrealistic…

So how could 2023 be better for you?

Well, first of all be realistic!

Many people choose to improve an aspect of their health which is why gym membership goes up – of course the gyms are packed in January but by February the good intentions start to wane and by Easter many have given up going completely, resigned to the fact that they will be paying for it anyway for the next 12 months. That’s really sad, isn’t it?

Weight management and stopping smoking are very popular goals in January.

Doing anything to improve your health has to be a good thing, but have you given careful thought to the details, the goals, the pitfalls and the support?

You are strongly advised to consult your medical practitioner before embarking on any life changing experience, particularly if you have an ongoing condition such as diabetes, thyroid issues etc . You can also check out the nhs website for information.

Take weight management for example – “I want to lose 2 stone”  – have you thought about how and if this is achievable? What time span are you planning for?

What changes will you need to make to your diet, sleep, exercise routine?

Why do you want to shift 2 stone? Do you have a medical reason or a big event such as a wedding coming up? Have you ever been at your target weight and if so, is it realistic for you now?

What might get in your way of achieving your goal?

Do you have supportive family members, colleagues, friends or are they likely to sabotage your efforts?

What difference will losing 2 stone make to the quality of your life? Is it going to help you get that job or partner that you have always wanted? Is it going to mean that you can play games or sport with your children, rather than sitting on the sidelines? Is it going to mean that you will actually like yourself?

You could apply these questions to deciding to give up smoking or training for a marathon or learning a language…

2023: the year that I achieve my goal:

Choose 1 or 2 things as a focus

Plan what you want to achieve, how you are going to do it, who/what might get in the way of success and have an end date.

Set yourself some mini targets or milestones and celebrate your success by doing something nice for you eg buy yourself some flowers, have a spa day, book a manicure…

If you need help to achieve your goals I can help by teaching you positive mindset techniques and helping you to release self sabotage.

You can find out more about my work by exploring my website or visiting any of my social media links such as my Facebook page, Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy, or my YouTube channel.



It’s back to work as normal with effect from 3rd January 2023, so please get in touch to book your free, no obligation discovery call. I work with clients online via Zoom, so distance is no object and it gives more flexibility in appointment times. I will give you guidance on how many sessions we will be working together; if I don’t believe that we are a good fit then I will do my best to suggest alternatives.

It’s easy to get in touch – use the Contact page on my website, contact me via any of my social media channels or you could phone, text or message.

Let’s make 2023 your year!

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