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Suicide – still one of those taboo subjects?

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day 2019, created to get us talking, to make us more aware, to break down the barriers around mental health issues of all kinds.

Hop on to any of the social media platforms and you will see a whole host of posts re statistics around suicide, depression, anxiety etc and you or someone you know may identify with that information.

It doesn’t respect age, gender, occupation or anything else – and unfortunately many of us in our life time will be affected by this in some way – either through personal experience, friends, families or colleagues or via the media’s coverage of a famous sports man or celebrity.

By sharing information we can bring this difficult subject into daily life so that it is  acknowledged and more people know how to access support.

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to follow this link to the Talk Suicide training

Yes, it’s dealing with a difficult subject but it doesn’t take long to do and it will give you the tools to spot the signs and know what to do.

Remember: Suicide doesn’t recognise age or nationality or colour or creed or sporting ability or job status…


Take the #talk Suicide Training

Follow the link to take the #Talk Suicide Training

Let’s get everyone talking about it so that it is no longer a taboo subject – make it okay to talk about mental health issues so that we can all recognise the signs and know where to sign post to for support.

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