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How can a hypnotherapist help?

As a hypnotherapist I find that of all the techniques I use with clients, hypnotherapy is a really versatile tool! In something like 10 years as a practitioner I continue to be amazed by how much difference hypno makes to clients who have been “suffering”, sometimes for years, with all manner of physical and emotional…

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Where in your body do you feel this?

Emotions are funny things – you can’t pick them up or touch them – so you might think that they are in your head, but whenever I ask a new client where they feel their fear, anxiety, stress etc most will immediately, without thinking, point to a part of their body. For me, this is…

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And breathe!

Honestly, the hardest thing I am going to ask you to do in a hypnotherapy session is to breathe! On the first occasion this is usually a cue for much face pulling, lip pursing and blowing in a dramatic manner until the sound of my voice soothes you in to a steady rhythm. Of course,…

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Calling ladies of a certain age….

Have you lost your va-va-voom? Do you feel as though you are useless/ worthless/ clueless…? Do you count the minutes to when someone challenges you as an impostor? If this is you, then read on! Many of my clients are ladies in their late forties or fifties, often working in responsible jobs, in long term…

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