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TFT (Thought Field Therapy)

tapping technique

TFT also known as Thought Field Therapy

Wow! Did you know that lots of issues, both emotional and physical can be sorted using something called Thought Field Therapy ( TFT or Tapping)?
It has actually been around quite some time and was originally known as Callahan Technique. There have been lots of variations on the theme so you may well be aware of the most well known which is EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) however, unlike EFT, it is much simpler and very effective.
It doesn’t require hypnosis but simply a focus on the issue whilst the therapist and client tap on various points of the head,hand or body in a particular sequence.
It is excellent for dealing with long standing issues such as trauma, but also for emotions such as rage or guilt or embarassment.
Typically it takes only one or two sessions to resolve long standing issues.
I am now using this with many clients as a starting point before going on to hypnotherapy, allowing me to really tune in to the specific issue which in turn is likely to reduce the number of sessions of hypnotherapy required.

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