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The power of colour

Did you know that colours vibrate at different frequencies?

I love colour! I still get excited at the ripe old age of 64 when I see a rainbow and  I love the beautiful changes of colour with the changing of the seasons.  That probably explains why I spend a lot of time in nature taking photos with my phone and why I love all the vibrancy of flowers, particularly Spring flowers.

We are surrounded by colour, but have you ever wondered if the yellow that you see is the same as the yellow that your neighbour or friend or business colleague sees?

I’ll let you into a little secret – I have a lot of issues with greens and blues and really struggle to see the diffence between some shades.  Most of the time this isn’t a problem because I know that the sky is blue and that grass is green but it can cause problems with makeup, coordinating clothes, buying soft furniture and bedding etc

My biggest problem probably comes with coffee…

We drink a well known brand which uses different coloured lids according to caffeinated or decaffeinated etc

If I can’t sleep it is usually because I have  misread the green/blue of the coffee lids and given myself a dose of caffeine in the evening.

How does it affect you?

What emotions do you associate with particular colours?

Maybe you associate red with passion and fire – or perhaps it is blood; does orange make you feel energised or do you associate it with cheap and cheerful?

I always speak to my clients about this and use it in my sessions.

You might wonder what this has to do with anxiety or weight management or fear of flying etc,  but I use colour in lots of different ways with my clients, one of which is asking them to see, imagine or just get a sense of their positive colour as they focus on their in breath.

I also ask them to bring more of their positive colour into their life by wearing it, accessorising their room or using it on screensavers etc

Think about it now: which is your favourite? Which one makes you feel good, which lifts your spirits? Do you actually wear that it? Do you have it in your emvironment every day?

If you don’t, why not make some small changes such as wearing a scarf or jewellery of that colour or adding a coloured throw to your room?

Remember too, that if your environment is full of your negative colour you can look at ways to up your vibration.

If your least favourite colour just happens to be the colour which is in your life a great deal eg regulation uniform or the brand colours of the company which employs you, you might have to get creative: have a plant or photo  in your positive colour somewhere close by, or arrive at work with a bag or coat etc in that colour.

I find all shades of pink very uplifting ; I don’t wear it very often as a solid colour but I do like it in my surroundings such as in flowers and a salt lamp in every room, and wear it in jewellery or as an accent colour in a scarf or top.

I really don’t like maroon! I wouldn’t wear it and I don’t like it in my environment as I feel it drains my energy.

Top positive colours as stated by recent clients:

Red, blue and green

Top negative colours as stated by recent clients:

Red, blue and green!

What does this prove? Everyone is different!

What next?

If you are generally unwell or if you have specific symptoms you must seek medical advise: use the nhs website, visit a pharmacy and/or make an appointment to see your gp.

After this, if appropriate and you are ready to make positive changes using hypnosis, breathing techniques and more, please get in touch via the Contact page or through any of my other social media channels such as my Facebook page.

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