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Wedding Day Worries

Wedding Anxiety?

What do you think of when someone says they are getting married?

Do you see a magical day full of smiles and love with everyone happy and everything going without a hitch?

Of course, that’s the dream, but for some the reality is rather different and the lead up to the actual ceremony can be full of obstacles…

So what sort of things can be an issue, big enough to cause stress and anxiety?

  • the cost of  everything!
  • the dress
  • the venue
  • the seating arrangements
  •  the guests
  • the speeches…

The list goes on, and even after the wedding there’s the thank yous and the paperwork and the honeymoon etc

There’s no wonder getting married is up there as one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life!

Whether you are one half of the happy couple, Best Man or Father of the Bride, as a hypnotherapist I can help you to deal with the challenges so that the day goes smoothly. For example:

  1. The Perfect Fit: Feeling Comfortable in Your Wedding Dress

Every bride dreams of looking and feeling their best on their wedding day. You may want to improve your eating habits, sleep or exercise regime so that you look and feel fantastic; hypnotherapy offers techniques to boost body confidence, helping you embrace your natural shape and size. You can look forward to walking down the aisle radiating confidence and grace, fully comfortable in your own skin and really enjoy the day.


  1. Hold Your Audience: The Best Man’s Speech

Does the thought of standing up and speaking to a large audience make you feel weak at the knees? Are you worried that you’ll fluff your lines or get the names wrong? What if the audience doesn’t laugh at your fantastic jokes?

Being the Best Man at a wedding demands a lot! It’s a great honour and you want to do a good job, don’t you?

I can help you to tap into your inner confidence, so that you not only speak clearly but you hold your audience with your speech and even enjoy the experience. I will teach you positive mindset techniques so that you are calm and natural.


  1. After the wedding: the honeymoon!

A romantic honeymoon is the perfect way to unwind after the wedding festivities, but if you are anxious about flying you might not get to the romantic destination of your dreams. Hypnotherapy is very effective in dealing with fear of flying. By rewiring negative thought patterns, you can replace anxiety with a sense of calm, allowing you to focus on creating beautiful memories with your partner.


When should you  book your consultation to see how hypnotherapy can help?

I would honestly say, the sooner the better!

Why let the worries build and build when you could nip them in the bud? What if the wedding is 18-24 months away – do you really want to spend that time getting more and more fraught about things – or would you like the run up to the wedding to be calm and organised with you having the ability to deal with any blips along the way?

Whether it’s managing stress, finding relief from menopausal symptoms, improving sleep, conquering fears and phobias, or achieving weight management goals, hypnotherapy can help you take back control.

It begins with a phone call or message: we’ll set up a convenient time  for a Zoom chat when we will be able to share information and ask questions. After that, we’ll book in your sessions which will be via Zoom and each session will be approximately 60 minutes or so. I’ll teach you positive mindset techniques and you’ll have some tasks to do inbetween sessions.  You won’t be seeing me for months on end for the same issue; typically it will be four sessions.

Need more information? Please have a look around my website where you will find information on weight management, anxiety and lots more, or visit my Facebook page

Contact me now to book your free, no obligation consultation: 07910 407878


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