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It's definitely not a diet!

Change your relationship with food and exercise


There is now a tried and trusted weight management programme which enables clients to take control of their eating habits and to make conscious decisions based on a healthy lifestyle.

It's definitely not about being on a diet!


The Virtual Gastric Band is a highly effective 4 session weight management programme.

During the 4 session programme the client is encouraged to re-evaluate their relationship with food, to look at the reasons for overeating and to establish healthy eating routines alongside a programme of exercise to support the work of the Virtual Gastric Band.

It is quite normal for the client to find benefits in other aspects of their life as a result of the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss hypnotherapy such as improved sleep patterns, a reduction in stress levels and a general feeling of wellbeing. Anne Marie is happy to discuss client needs on an individual basis.



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So, if you have tried them all - the diets that promise so much: the F Plan, the Cabbage Soup diet, the Low Carb, the low Protein, the Lemon Juice, the Atkins... and you are still struggling with your weight, this is for you!

Crisp addiction/ sugar loading/ midnight snacking or a pork pie fan... ? Whatever your weakness, I will tailor the programme to your individual needs.

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Virtual Gastric Band

A  4 session hypnotherapy programme which uses the power of your mind




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