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Weight Management

Weight Management: Will Hypnosis Help Me Lose Weight?

Most people interested in reducing their size and shape opt for the 4 session Virtual Gastric Band program, but if you have a significant amount of weight to lose then opting for the Super Six is more realistic.

I'll still be using the Virtual Gastric Band as part of the program but there will be lots more put in to support emotional and mental wellbeing and, of course, lots of fun homework! I am a practitioner in a number of modalities which I will be using to enhance your weight management journey.

Remember that there are many sources of information about weight management across the social media channels including information about healthy eating, BMI, exercise etc. A reliable source of information is the nhs website Change4Life; there is also an app available which you can download to your phone or tablet.



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So what is The Virtual Gastric Band?

It is a tried and trusted weight management program which enables clients to take control of their eating habits and to make conscious decisions based on a healthy lifestyle. It is what I use as the basis of most weight management programs. A basic program of sessions will enable you to make a start on your weight management journey but remember, everyone is different, so results and sessions vary.

It's definitely not about being on a diet!

A surgical gastric band requires a skilled surgeon and will set you back thousands of pound as the surgeon creates a new smaller pouch so that you feel fuller, faster. It is major surgery with all the risks this brings, so should not be entered into lightly. In fact, the criteria for having this procedure on the NHS is very strict, so most obese people would not qualify, even though their lifestyle is restricted and their health may be compromised.

The Virtual Gastric Band, however, is performed in one session as part of a four session program whereby the client's Subconscious is persuaded that a procedure has taken place to shrink the size of their stomach so that they feel fuller faster.

During the program the client is encouraged to re-evaluate their relationship with food, to look at the reasons for overeating and to establish healthy eating routines alongside a program of exercise to support the work of the Virtual Gastric Band.

It is quite normal for the client to find benefits in other aspects of their life as a result of the Virtual Gastric Band weight management hypnotherapy such as improved sleep patterns, a reduction in stress levels and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Every client is different so I am happy to discuss client needs on an individual basis to achieve realistic and healthy changes. If you are ready to make a start, book in for your consultation. I ask lots of questions and there will definitely be "add-on" tasks to complete between sessions.

Are you ready to move from the One Day Maybe and make today, Day One?



So, if you have tried them all - the diets that promise so much: the F Plan, the Cabbage Soup diet, the Low Carb, the low Protein, the Lemon Juice, the Atkins... and you are still struggling with your weight, this is for you!

Crisp addiction/ sugar loading/ midnight snacking or a pork pie fan... ?

Whatever your weakness, I will tailor the program to your individual needs.

Remember, as a hypnotherapist I do not have a magic wand which will give you the results that you want without you having to make any changes to how you live your life; I do have a toolbox of techniques and many years of experience which I will use to support you in achieving the results which are the best for you.

Please know that this is very much about working together and having a positive intention to change; once again, this is not for you if you are not willing to follow the program, do the homework,  make  changes to your daily habits.

Results will vary so I am unable to give guarantee of a certain amount of weight loss but I will work with you to have realistic targets.

Remember : There is no change without change!

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