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Where in your body do you feel this?

Emotions are funny things – you can’t pick them up or touch them – so you might think that they are in your head, but whenever I ask a new client where they feel their fear, anxiety, stress etc most will immediately, without thinking, point to a part of their body.
For me, this is one of the most important questions I ask during a consultation; in fact, I may ask the same question at every session too, as I assess progress and decide on the next course of action.
What I also notice, is that as the client puts their hand on wherever it is in the body that they feel the emotion, there is often a release of energy, whether it is a big sigh or a gasp, a flurry of tears or a burst of laughter…
The process of therapeutic change begins even before the client realises.

One of the things that I like to do with a client during the first session of the hypnotherapy programme is to take them into a full body relaxation, slowing down the breathing, clearing the mind of negative chatter and allowing a lovely chilled feeling of power and positivity to flow through the body. An essential part of this process is to then imagine being scanned, just like at the airport, but instead of keys and coins, the scanner picks up areas of the body which are not as relaxed as they need to be. The client can then direct positive energy and relaxation to those areas because they are always in control.
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