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World Mental Health Day 2019

If you have had any contact with social media today you will know that it has been full of posts re mental health as today is World Mental Health Day 2019. There are posts about how poor mental health affects the individual, there are posts about how to have good mental health and there are posts from people who have either experienced poor mental health first hand or experienced it in their loved ones.

Talking about mental health is no longer something to be avoided -thank goodness! But we aren’t there yet – there are still certain occupations where stress levels are high and mental health issues abound eg teaching, public services and construction.

When did you last consider the state of your mental health? What do you do to stay mentally healthy?

As a former teacher I spent years surviving on minimum sleep, stressed out from trying to keep up with the workload and the threat of Ofsted. I didn’t have good physical health and I didn’t have good mental health either!

Nowadays I make time for regular exercise and time outdoors, have new hobbies and activities, spend time with positive people and avoid negative stuff eg I rarely watch the news and choose my tv and films carefully.

Why is there a photo of a cow at the top of the post? Well, if you are connected with me through other social media channels you’ll know that I share a lot of photos of flowers, plants, and landscapes – they are things that lift my spirits so I share them. I hope you enjoy them too.x


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